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CaskFinder enables drinkers to find a great pint of cask ale anywhere in the UK. Free on Android and iPhone the app uses Cask Marque’s list of 10,000 accredited pubs which have received multiple visits from a qualified brewer who has checked the quality for temperature, appearance, aroma and taste. All cask ales on sale are tested up to a maximum of 6, including the slowest selling cask ale. On-site training is then provided advising on cellar management, equipment maintenance and pouring technique ensuring the customer is guaranteed a great pint every time.

Beer Scanner

The latest addition to the app is the Beer Scanner, which allows drinkers to hold up their phone to any pump clip, be it cask, keg or stout, and the tasting notes will be returned along with information on calories, units of alcohol, allergens and a beer & food tasting suggestion from the brewer. Where the beer has been through the Cyclops tasting process then this will be included in the results. Cyclops is a non-profit making organisation which provides independent, consistent descriptions of the beers based around what you see, what you smell and what you taste. These help to make it easier for customers to understand what they may be buying compared to the sometimes fanciful and flowery marketers descriptions.

Ale Trail

Join the World’s Biggest Ale Trail and win prizes whilst going to the pub. What could be better? Every Cask Marque accredited pub has a certificate with a QR code on. Scan the QR code using the app and this records your visit and is added to your total. The leaders have scanned nearly 3,750 pubs and have won along the way polo shirts, t-shirts, glasses, badges and even a 1 day ale trail course at a famous brewery where they have learnt about the origins of beer, how it is brewed and then had some taste training to help them gauge the beer quality from a professional’s point of view. Read more

The Free CaskFinder App

  • Scan pump clips for tasting notes
  • World’s Biggest Ale Trail
  • See beers on sale
  • Find nearest Cask Marque accredited pub
  • Local beer festivals